Purchase Transform


Retail licensing of Transform versions 1.X.X are priced as follows:

$350.001 for the first retail machine license (one computer) for a single business entity

$125.001 for each additional machine license for the same business entity

Prices reduced starting November 2015


A retail licensed product always starts by first installing the trail product, which contains exactly the same code as the retail product.

Following the purchase of a retail license, the user is emailed an activation code that converts the trial product into a retail product.

A single activation code can be used to activate any number of installations, the number of allowed activations being dependent on how many seats have been purchased and the End User License Agreement.

Licensing is on a per machine basis rather than a per user basis. Therefore any number of users that have logon privledges on that machine can access Transform, including restricted rights users. Users accessing the computer over a network connection, however, will not be granted access.

Upgrades are free of charge for all revisions to the product version purchased/installed (e.g. 1.x.x). Succeeding versions (e.g. 2.x.x) will be subject to the customary upgrade fees.

1 Pricing is subject to change. Because Transform is available free of charge on a 30 day trail basis, all sales are final. PrimaCode is not required to collect sales tax for software that is delivered by download. Be advised, some states will still require the purchaser to pay applicable sales or use taxes directly.