PrimaCode Technologies

PrimaCodee Technologies 
PrimaCode develops cutting edge software solutions for land surveyors and measuring professionals alike. Our standards setting Least-Squares Conformal Coordinate Transformation solution is a prime example.


Dennis C. Drumm, the company's primary software developer and founder, is also an active Professional Land Surveyor who continues to work with land owners and professionals alike, to address their surveying related needs.

software users


Whether or not you just need help learning how to use one of our software products or you need more comprehensive help learning how to use it with real-world data, we will be able to provide you with free technical assistance that will meet your needs.

This is true for both trial users and retail (licensed) users alike.

We can also walk you thru the use of our software using sample data that ships with each software product.
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land owners


Whether you have a unique boundary line issue or just want a really trusted boundary opinion or just need routine survey work, we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

Whatever your needs, you can be assured it will be backed by a comprehensive investigation into all the available evidence and an informed application of the legal principles applicable to the proper use of that evidence. 
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When lawyers and other professionals are asked to represent land owners, they need experts that provide objective and reliable opinions.

We have an established  reputation that you can rely upon to deliver that service based upon a through investigations of the facts and a treatment of those facts that takes into account the best tools available to analyze them and the experience to draw reliable conclusions .
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