Surveying Services

Dennis C. Drumm has been an active land surveying for more than thirty years. He has extensive experience meeting the needs of, and working with, both private and corporate interests.

As is the case for lawyers, engineers and other service providers or trades, some land surveyors excel at what they do and some just make a living at it.

Dennis is one of those people that will always put excellence first, regardless of the quoted price, size or its complexity and he strives to do so at the most competitive rates possible.

Retracement Type Surveys

image5Retracement type surveys, also known as perimeter surveys, comprises the heart and sole of the land surveying practice. No other aspect of land surveying requires more expertise, experience or knowledge. Dennis has extensive experience with this type of surveying and has had the good fortune to have solved some of the most complex issues imaginable.

Investigative Services

There are often occasions when land owners simply have questions about such thinks as encroachments, ancient ways, trespass issues, or permitting questions that land surveyors are often best suited to investigate. Dennis has extensive experience working with land owners and their agents to help investigate such issues.

Subdivisions & Development

image4If your considering developing a piece of land, you will likely need the assistance of a variety of professionals, one of which will be, by necessity, a professional land surveyor. Dennis has been involved in a number of these types of projects over the years and is well suited to help with the layout and design of the proposed streets and building lots, the required permits, etc.

Approval Not Required Divisions

image2If your are anticipating a division of land into new building lots using existing frontage, rather than building new ways, or you simply want to swap land with an adjacent land owner, Dennis has extensive experience working with land owners to provide this type of service, taking into consideration proposed uses, existing site improvements, zoning requirements and geographic constraints.

Site Surveys

image3If your contemplating new construction on a site or the sale of a site that contains existing improvements, there is always the issue of whether or not the site fully encompasses all such improvements together with insuring there are no encroachments and no zoning issues.  Dennis has extensive experience with this type of project as well.