PrimaCode Technologies is a company whose primary emphasis is the development of new and innovative software solutions for land surveyors, engineers and other measuring professionals.

Our objective is to make the measuring professional more productive and to provide them with new or improved ways to look at and process digital map data. However, it is not just about productivity, it is also about helping the measuring professional develop more reliable, accurate and defensible work products.


Transform for Windows

Transform for Windows is a best-fit coordinate transformation program designed specifically for use by land surveyors and other measuring professionals. While this tool has many uses, it is ideally suited for comparing prior surveys to the evidence found marking them on-the-ground.

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Calibrate for Windows

Calibrate for Windows is a FREE least-squares program for comparing Electronic Distance Measuring devices to an NGS established baseline. The program provides a means of saving and recalling any number of EDM devices and Baselines. The output provides a statistical analysis of how the EDM device is operating and whether or not it is being used properly and with compatible support equipment.

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