Transform Testimonials

"Thank you Dennis for providing this powerful yet simple tool. It works awesome. I am definitely going to suggest to the higher ups that we purchase this product."

Tony Cucinotta
Alha Surveying & Engineering Inc.
Middleboro, MA

“I have been using PrimaCode's Transform and its predecessors for almost twenty years and have found that it gives me the fastest and most accurate way to compute the most likely location of a missing monument based upon record plans and field evidence. The more I use it, the more uses I find for it. I depend on it exclusively for these types of computations.”

MaryAnn Corcoran, PLS
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners
Dalton, MA

“Transform is to analysis what the EDM is to measuring, or what CAD is to drafting. Once you use it, you won’t do without it.”

Stephen A Salvini, PLS
PIONEER Land Services
Chester, MA

"... I used the method of my old-time mentor to hold the coordinate for one monument and use another monument for line. Not being confident of what two monuments would be the best, I decided to additionally analyze the distances between all combinations of pairs of monuments to determine what I thought was the 'best pair' to use. I was not particularly confident of this solution either because there were usually quite a number of monuments in good condition that were included in the surveys that were considered but not used."

"With Transform, it is so easy to search for probable matching monuments, to include or exclude monuments from consideration and to achieve a transformation solution. I particularly like the way the data is displayed. I can see on one page a large number points under consideration, the current and old monument descriptions, the direction and distance between them and the statistical data for any solution."

"I will typically spend only five to ten minutes using Transform and I feel confident that I have determined the defendable, best fit of the monumentation available to me."

Robert Nunnemacher, PLS
Thompson-Liston Associates, Inc.
Boylston, MA

"Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Transform for Windows. The more I use it the more I want to use it even more! Looking forward to new software from you, especially a COGO package Thanks for the great program!"

Joseph F. Hammond, L.S.
Buckman & Whitbeck, PC
82 Main Street
East Berne, NY 12009

"I have been using PrimaCode Technologies “Transform” program for several years now, and am very satisfied with its capabilities. Prior to discovering this software I utilized an Excel spreadsheet that a business partner and I originally developed using Lotus 1-2-3 to compare found monument locations with their record locations. It was functional, but very cumbersome to use. I have found that Transform is relatively easy to use and provides amazing functionality. It is the only software I have found that allows the surveyor to compare the locations of any number of monuments with their record positions in an easy to understand format. To my knowledge, it is the only method of analyzing the locations of complex arrays of found monuments with true mathematical repeatability. Determining which monuments are consistent with their platted location can become overwhelming in short order. It simply is not possible to properly evaluate the positional relationships of more than a few monuments without some type of mathematical analysis, as the amount of information to digest grows exponentially. Transform allows the surveyor to evaluate the positions of any number of monuments and arrive at a mathematically repeatable determination of the most probable location for missing monuments. Transform allows the surveyor to use a “trial and error” method to visualize the ramifications of accepting or rejecting any number of recovered monuments. Weights can be assigned to each monument to provide a method of relying more heavily on certain monuments."

"Each scenario produces a scale factor, translation, and rotation that is mathematically unique for those points under consideration. This allows the surveyor to realize the true relationships of the monuments and removes subjectivity in trying to decide which monuments to accept or reject."

"The Help topics alone will more than likely increase the average surveyor’s comprehension of several surveying concepts. One of the most valuable of these is an explanation of the problems created by maintaining the record distance across right’s of-way instead of using proration. The program’s author clearly understands the concept of that monuments control over distances, and does an admirable job of explaining why this concept must be used in the restoration of lost monuments."

James A. Folkers, R.L.S.
The WLB Group
Flagstaff, AZ 860001