General Consulting

It is not uncommon for lawyers, engineers, architects and other service providers assisting land owners to need the services of a professional land surveyor. On occasion, even another land surveyor will run up against a matter outside their comfort range.

 Dennis C. Drumm, with his thirty some-odd-years of experience as a Professional Land Surveyor, has established a reputation as one of the profession's experts on issues of boundary law, dispute resolution, investigative research and possessing the requisite mathematical skills needed to analyze and properly frame the scope of complex issues, to provide meaningful suggestions for a solution and to provide competent consultation.

Collaboration with Engineers

image4Engineers often provide design services to land owners and municipal agencies that also require some level of on-the-ground surveying work, such as boundary lines, regulatory lines, wet land resource areas, topographic, bathymetric and site improvement locations. Dennis has often worked on such projects in collaboration with engineers, as either a subcontractor, consultant or as a partner.

Collaboration with Architects

image2Architects are frequently engaged by land owners to provide building and related design services. More often than not, this type of work will also require mapping of various site conditions as a bases of their designs. Dennis has, on many an occasion, been the person of choice for architects looking for land surveyor they and their clients can trust and rely upon.

Collaboration with Attorneys

image5Lawyers are frequently engaged by land owners to represent them for a variety of real estate related issues, for example: boundary line disputes, encroachments, rights of way issues, easements, permitting, zoning questions, etc.  Many of these issues require some level of investigative work by a land surveyor to define the extent of ownership or rights, their location, their historical relevance and ultimately may require the land surveyor to act as an expert witness, in the event that litigation becomes necessary. Dennis has, on many an occasion, been the person lawyers would turn to when the assistance of a competent and trusted land surveyor is required.

  Collaboration with Contractors

image3Modern day construction firms very often own their own surveying equipment and employ capable people that can use that equipment. However, on occasion, constructions firms may still prefer to have a professional surveyor assist with the layout and site-control work. Dennis has the experience and expertise to work with the on-site personnel and provide the level of support contractors are looking for. 

Consulting Land Surveyor

Occasionally, other Land Surveyors may prefer to outsource certain types of their work. Whether or not it is to alleviate an overburdened work load or to get a collogue involved who may have more knowledge or experience in some particular aspect of difficult projects, Dennis has been trusted a trusted collaborator by his collogues to provide such assistance.