Transform Revision History

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Known Issues & Revision History
  • Support for state plane coordinates has not been implemented for this version.
  • The on-line User's Guide is a work in progress. Content is being added or updated with each new upload.
  • In order to use Transform while the on-line-user's guide is open, you must minimize it.
New for version 1.10.115  08/12/2019
  • implimented a new Evaluation and Licensing system
  • users can now uninstall a license and move it to another computer once a year
  • other minor bug fixes & licensing inhancements
  • compatible with newer Windows  version, including Windows 10
New for version 1.9.4  04/13/2012
  • moved Year-DayOfYear part of product version to end of versioning components
  • moved best-fit system param's up to appear before target system rotation, which is a less important manual setting
  • updated user's guide to reflect recent changes to Transform
  • extensive user's guide updates and revisions
New for version 1.8.11191.82 07/10//2011
  • revisions to activation dialog including addition of trial extensions
New for version 1.8.11135.1 05/15/2011 (substantial upgrade)
  • the culmination of all version 1.7 enhancements, upgrades and fixes over the last many months
New for version 1.7.5 05/06/2011
  • substantial enhancements to internal data handling and undo-redo procedures
  • enhancements to management of target system rotation and selection of base point of rotation
  •  enhancements to user transformations & defining filter criteria
  •  enhancements to import & export routines
  •  enhancements to point relabeling, both internal and on export, especially for points that are paired between two systems
  •  when point are relabeled, Transform now revises the user defined filter too.
  •  enhancements to point editing and coordinate system management
  • enhancements to creating and managing cloned points and clones are now identified by a different colored point label
  •  colored point labels are now used to differentiate pseudo residuals from no-scale residuals as well as dynamically changing header labels
  •  the best fit dropdown box will now exclude target systems and the target system dropdown will now exclude best-fit systems
  • changed button, text box and dialog sizes to accommodate those running windows with 120 DPI screen font
  • many other upgrades and enhancements designed to improve functionality and usability along with additional bug fixes
New for version 1.7.4 02/27/2011
  • substantial modifications to the way the target system's meridian is rotated and managed (see screen shot)
  • found and fixed various undo/redo bugs
  • minor revision to user interface terminology
  • changed text style/color for residuals with system scaling removed
  • changed function and fixed bugs associated with user transformation
  •  revised user's guide
  • fixed bug related to initial target meridian radio buttons when opening older projects
New for version 1.7.2 07/26/2010
  • re-enabled the previous default behavior of the target points in the dropdown list that sorted them by probability of being paired with a best-fit system point
  • upgraded application to take advantage of Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.0 enhancements
  • added ability to relabel coordinate system points from within the application
  • changed the way the export assistant modifies point labels
  • application now restricts point labels in a manner that prohibits embedded letters within numbers or embedded numbers within letters
  • upgraded users guide to new format and revised content (still under construction)
  • the product installer (download file) now installs either x86 or x64 versions of the product
  • the product installer (download file) now uses a bootstrapper for microsoft's .net framework reducing the number of download options to one
  • subject system references have been renamed to a more intuitive moniker best-fit systems
  •  best-fit systems can now be transformed relative to multiple meridians for the target system and will maintain a lock on the chosen target meridian
  •  modified how filtered lists work
  • fixed bug associated with undo/redo of newly created systems containing no point records
  • fixed bug associated with undo/redo when all points in a system are deleted
  •  fixed bug that restricted precision of exported coordinates
  • added feature that distinguishes pseudo paired point residuals versus linked pair residuals versus no-scale residuals
  • fixed bug associated with enabling filtered list when the system is not yet filtered
  • revised user transformation dialog to clarify base point
  • resolved confusing reference to subject system on system points tab view, now called coordinate system
  • corrected spelling errors discovered and other minor issues
New for version 1.6.4 09/05/2008
  • fixed compatibility issues with Windows Vista UAC
  • expanded validation rules for user information supplied on activation
  • revised product activation dialog and the way validation is done
  • a failed activation will now save the user's information for the next try
  •  the activation code can now be copied and pasted into the code entry control
New for version 1.6.3 08/22/2008
  • fixed bug that allowed filter criteria to be defined that would hide all points in a system
  • fixed bug that might record incomplete filter criteria for a system in the tools-options dialog
  • fixed bug for undo-redo of changed system filter settings
  •  revised validation for email addresses on activation
New for version 1.6.2 05/05/2008
  • fixed bug printing transformation reports when target points don't have descriptions
New for version 1.6.1 04/27/2008
  • added fifth type of rotation angle for copy-paste operations available when the text box is doubled clicked
  • added the different types of angle formats to Merge Drawing cooef's dialog
  • fixed bug associated with target for linked pair changed to a target point that is already part of a pairing
  • corrected a bug that could hide a pair's parent or child after turning on filtered lists
  • subject points that have been cloned will now appear as different color
  • added support for international foot as well as the us survey foot
  • numerous tweaks and improvements in many areas
  •  enhanced many aspects of undo - redo operations
  • enhanced many aspects of detect pairs processing
  • detect pairs will now find potential pairs without first defining initial pair(s)
  • improvement to auto complete on entering directions (user transformations)
  • revisions to the user's guide to reflect recent changes.
New for version 1.5.46 02/1/2008
  • fixed issue defining new system on System Points tab followed by toolbar button click
  • fixed issue with product activation timeouts that inappropriately indicated connection problems
  •  improved automatic notifications when upgrade is available
  • fixed tutorial content dialog to work in windows 2000 when no pdf viewer installed
  • fixed tutorial content dialog for when user tries to open a sample file that has been deleted
New for version 1.5.45 09/07/2007
  • resolved issue for coordinates of cloned points when target system has been rotated
  • resolved sorting issue while manually defining new point on the system points tab
  • corrected an issue associated with importing modified coordinates while Transform is set to original coordinates
  • escape key will now allow toggling between enhanced precision mode and read mode
  • improvements made to user transformation tab of options dialog
  • added the tutorial dialog to transform's help menu
  • updated the user's guide to reflect recent changes to program
  • update inverse dialog to use two state text boxes
  • fixed issues for user transformation by reference direction when both coordinates for both points are equal
New for version 1.5.44 07/05/2007
  • upgraded syncfusion components to version newest release
  • minor revisions to import and export assistants
  •  minor revisions to system filtering options
  •  minor revisions to on-line user's guide to reflect recent changes
  • revised when detect pairs warning messages for filtering are displayed
New for version 1.5.43 05/15/2007
  • added support for importing points with descriptions that contain the reserved characters
  • fixed a bug that occurs when description filter are first defined and then later cleared
  •  added new validation rules that prevent certain characters from appearing in description filter arguments
  • added support for beginning and ending a description filter term with a wild card character
  • fixed bug that allowed multiple wildcard characters at beginning or end of description filter
  • add support for automatically detecting beginning and ending wildcard characters
  • add ability to resize dialog used for selecting point labels and point descriptions for filtering
  • updated online user's guide to reflect recent changes
  • modified layout and labels for the filtering dialog
  • modified layout and labels for the import and export assistants
New for version 1.5.42 04/23/2007
  • input paradigm changed for entering new coordinate points and editing existing coordinate points
  • undo/redo of coordinate points now effect each element of the point instead of the point's whole row
New for version 1.5.41 04/19/2007
  • fixed bug that prevented point list from being displayed correctly when the elevation column is hidden
  • fixed associated bug that prevented defining a new coordinate point when the elevation column is hidden
  •  fixed partially hidden scroll bar for the transformation tab's grid
New for version 1.5.40 04/09/2007
  • revised how output text is formatted for angles very near zero
  • revised column width for coordinates to show additional significant digits
  • revised width of user transformation text boxes to show additional significant digits
  •  revised another section of the user's guide
  •  added feature that displays rotation parameter in four different formats by double clicking the text box
  •  added tooltip for most-recently-used project list on file menu to show project's path
  •  remove scaling warning fixed to 99% confidence level, regardless of which confidence level the user chooses
  •  revised tooltips for import / export assistants
  • several minor revisions made to TextBoxEx.dll
New for version 1.5.39 03/14/2007
  • added blank line between pre-existing and new file when appending data
  •  changed subdivision example and associated tutorial in online users guide
  • when defining first pair, user transformation parameters will be cleared for subject system
  •  added section to both tutorials regarding removing scaling
  •  revised user's guide regarding issues of scaling
  • fixed undo bug associated with changing pairs when no scaling option set
  • added undo for first pairing on system with user transformation parameters set
  •  changes to un-linked pairs will not affect no-scale transformations
  •  changing the variance for an unlinked point will not restore scaling
  • added warning that will prevent use of single char wild cards when defining filters
  • added dialog to explain why you can't browse for descriptions when no descriptions have been defined
  •  added a new dialog to start menu and displayed on startup for quick links to tutorials
  •  add pdf drawing files to sample projects for those who do not have a dxf viewer (CAD program)
New for version 1.5.37 03/06/2007
  • fixed bug associated with using decimal degrees units instead of default degree-minutes-seconds
  • fixed reporting bug in inverse utility when switching between original to modified coordinates
  • added additional support for key stroke validation
  • added support for auto complete when entering directions and angles
  • added ability to switch between parts per 100 and one part per many for third scaling text box (double click control)
  • a number of tweaks throughout the application
  • added more F1 help for parts of the program not supported previously
  • revised tool tips for main view of transform to better reflect the content
  • provide new highway sample project that is more typical of normal circumstances
  • revised the user's guide to reflect all recent changes and to update content